Match Report
The Harrodian School 1st XI vs  The John Lyon School
On: Wednesday, 13 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

John Lyon 1 vs 2 Harrodian
Goals- Ale, Jordi
Assists - Oscar
MOTM- Alek

As Sollys army departed, the firsts quickly gathered at the back of the bus for a bit of team bonding before the game.
Talks about a team night out seemed the main topic of conversation with the 15s most keen out of everyone. We arrived at John Lyon looking smart in our suits and headed out to warm up. Solly and Tommy gave an encouraging pre match team talk followed by Oscar’s usual screams of encouragement and we got under way. The boys started off slowly and became frustrated, evident by the amount of fouls given away which started to frustrate the opponents as well. The back line looked very comfortable especially the debutants Francesco and Alek, other debutant Remi sadly only lasted 10 minutes but he claims he’ll be back with a vengeance.
George was everywhere making crucial tackles around the pitch whilst the front three were sleeping or more focused on out muscling the oppositions defenders. After starting to find our rhythm we got punished for poor marking off a corner, something which is inevitable in every harrodian team and we found ourself 1-0 down going into half time.
We took our time and re grouped ourself at the break and realised we had the ability to string more than 2 passes together. The whole of the second half Jordi was making the full back look a bit silly and found a break through with a rocket through the keepers legs and showed his new found maturity when instead of celebrating he got the ball and jogged back to the half way line. Marlowe and Aidan came onto the pitch and created a lot of chaos for the other team which led to too much pressure for them and eventually a ball lofted into the box was impacted by Ale is head and Harrodian had the lead. 10 minutes to go and lots of fouls given away led to Lucas Proving that he can also dominate the box with numerous good catches. A last ditch header by fran off the line sealed the win and the boys got their first win of the season. We now turn our attention to a big cup tie against Latymer next week where we look to start a strong campaign in ISFA.

Lucas - 8

Alek - 8.5

Jago - 7.5

Remi - 6

Francesco - 7.5

Finn - 6.5

George - 7

Ale - 8

Clem - 6.5

Jordi - 8

Oscar - 7.5

Marlowe - 6.5

Aidan - 7

Massimo - 6.5

Frankie - 6.5

injured -