Match Report
The Harrodian School 1st XI vs  American School in London
On: Wednesday, 25 Oct 2023
Venue: at Home

Wednesday 25th October

Harrodian 8 vs 3 American School in London

Goals: Ale, Clem, Jordi x2, Fran, Oscar x2, Marlowe

Man of the Match: Clem M-G
Match report by: Harry White

Football match

We kicked off the match against American school in London with high hopes that we were going to destroy them. We had some strong words from the captain before the game started and then we were off. We started off (not intimidated one bit by their chants) with great intensity from all over the pitch. We scored quite early on with the skipper receiving a ball and putting in a pitch perfect cross to clem(the pacy perm man) waiting at the far post for a tap in. Jordi (the tech man) then made their whole team look lost when he dribbled through multiple players and gave the ball to Ale (my skipper) who scored. Now we were the ones shouting and were in the mood to get many more goals. Then the opposition team played a long ball through which Sid (the long legend) came out to meet but their striker headed the ball over him and scored. Now the game was on and we needed get a comfortable lead. And a few minutes later we did, when Ale put a delicious cross into the box and Fra (the cut socks trait merchant) was there to meet it to get his first ever goal for the 1sts. About 10 minutes later Oscar came through for us by scoring from just outside the 6 yard box when gambling on a block by their defender on Jordi’s shot. Then shortly after this the opposition scored an easy goal off a deflection. The score going into half time was 4-2 to us and Tommy and Solly (Rooney and Pep Guardiola) let us know that we had to raise the intensity. We kicked off the second half with passion (again not being intimidated by their over the top chants). To get us off to a good start Jordi got a great goal from just inside the box. This followed by Marlowe assisting Oscar (the Swedish tank) for a goal inside the box which was very well taken. Later on in the game the ball was bouncing around the box and Marlowes (the super sub) quick reactions and reading of the game with an added energy boost as his girlfriend was watching made him score. However after a few questionable words and actions from myself towards number 18 mainly the opposition wanted to get revenge and they scored from a shot that hit the post and just creeped in. Our last goal came towards the end where Marlowe won a penalty for us as their big defender pushed him over. This is where Jordi and Ale got a bit cheeky and thought they were prime MSN when ale walked up to the pen and passed it to his side when Jordi came running for a tap in. This was met with a few stern words from the gaffer after the game saying in the rules you cannot do that. A few cramps from Finn (likes cherries), Aidon (best celebrations out of the team) and me (Harry). We also had one injury from Alek (my RB) on his ankle as he put his body on the line on a 50/50. The defence was quite solid the whole game apart from a few hiccups (my throw - ins). As we heard the final whistle we all celebrated and remembered to shake hands with our opponents. We hope we can bring this sort of performance forward into future games and get far in the cup.Yyyyyooouuuuuuuuu Purplessssssss.


Sid - 7
Jago - 7
Alek - 7
Remi - 7

Finn - 7
Harry - 7
Ale - 7.5
Fran - 7.5
George - 7
Clem - 8
Oscar - 7
Jordi - 7.5
Marlowe - 7
Massimo - 7
Aidan - 7.5

Injured/unavailable: Frankie, Lucas