Match Report
The Harrodian School 1st XI vs  Wellington College
On: Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023
Venue: at Home

Tuesday 26th Sept

ISFA Trophy Round 1

Harrodian 6 vs 1 Wellington

Goals: Jordi x 4, Ale, Aidan

Player of match: Jordi

Match report by: George K

The day was Tuesday, Harrodian vs wellington. The team feeling quite hard done by after last week's tough defeat against Latymer meant we’re up for the challenge. A lunch of sausage and mash was demolished by the boys before heading to pitch for a warmup. The game started at 2:30 with a fair crowd on the touch line, kick off started with Harrodian on the front foot, not long after Aidan slipped in Jordi who fooled not two but three people and slipped the ball in with his left foot some say he is ambidextrous. The boys were pumped keen for more and stayed pressing with Jago and Remi dealing with every long ball sent over the top. Shortly after came another belter by Jordi to make it two after a well worked corner tactic that ale played to Jordi, created by mr. Williams himself. You may think we are done but oh no the Swedish tank in Oscar set up the hat trick hero up for his third goal. The midfield worked well together being organised with fra and ale controlling the game which eventually lead to Jordi’s fourth goal of the half to go into the break 4-0 up.
The second half started with being told from our influential leaders Pep and Rooney not to be complacent and to keep going with the second half starting the same as the first Finn absolutely all over his man when he gets home Finn will be entering his keys his phone and number 7 likewise with Alek whose fighting spirit is truly something everyone should aspire to be like. Wellington continued their game plan of long throws however my keeper Lucas dealt with it like it was nothing. Unfortunately whilst one of our players were injured Wellington scored from a corner to make it 4-1 but this burst of energy did not last long with Ale winning a penalty and stepping up and calmly slotting it past the keeper. Aidan's determination did not stop once throughout the game and was finally rewarded with his goal. Thanks to some neat play with Marlowe.

Lucas - 9

Alek - 7.5

Finn - 8.5

Remi - 8

Jago - 8.5

Ale - 8.5

George - 7.5

Fran - 7.5

Oscar - 7.5

Jordi - 8.5

Aidan - 8.5

Clem - 7

Frankie - 7

Marlowe - 7

Injured or players not used